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Instructions for the use of cosmetic product Remover

Remover – this cosmetic product (alkaline remover) this is a cosmetic product of white color in the form of a cream for clarification (remove) and correction of the pigment in the skin.

Used to remove tattoos, permanent make-up and microblasting.

Removes pigments of any color by removing the dye from the skin.

Rules of procedure :

Step №1 - preparing the skin for the procedure :

Treat the skin with an antiseptic. Apply anesthesia, no more than 15 minutes. Important ! - anesthesia should not contain more than 5% -7% lidocaine.

This will not allow additional skin tightening, which contributes to a more atraumatic effect of the agent. The use of anesthesia is not necessary!

Step №2 - rules of procedure

Remove the «Remover” using a permanent makeup machine with a modular system needle (cartridge) 1 RS; 3 RS; 5 RS.

In the disposable cap, squeeze out the remover.

It is recommended to add a diluent for a more liquid consistency of the remover.

For a few seconds, when the machine is on, immerse the needle in the bumper.

Put the product in the upper layers of the skin, but not deeper than 1 mm.

Carry out the procedure in the same way as apply the pigment to the skin with permanent make-up.

On the site to be removed, make no more than 2-4 passes, periodically wiping the surface.

Wait for the lymph to stop coming out.

After the remover has been introduced, after 3-5 minutes, apply a thin layer of remover to the removal site.

After waiting for the full drying of the remover and remove the remnants. Perhaps a slight burning of the skin on the treated area.

Step №3 - postprocedural care:

We recommend immediately after the procedure to apply rubbing movements LimePro gel. It will impregnate the dermis and will be a barrier for the skin.

Every day after the procedure, we recommend applying a thin layer of a special Lime gel 2-3 times a day for 7-10 days.

You can not rip off the crust, visit the sauna or open water during the whole healing process!

The first 3 days do not recommend contact with water (do not steam out!).

After leaving the crusts, treat with creams that are used to prevent scarring and scars (used within a month).

Repeated procedure for removing or applying tattoo (tattoo) is recommended not earlier than 1,5-2 months.



- decompensated forms of diabetes mellitus;

- severe internal diseases, hepatic and renal insufficiency;

- any chronic illness during an exacerbation;

- elevated body temperature;

- Skin tendency to form keloid scars;

- a progressive stage of psoriasis, psoriatic rashes on the face;

- severe immunodeficiency conditions, HIV;

- hemophilia and other diseases, accompanied by a decrease in blood coagulability;

- Epilepsy, increased convulsive alertness;

- severe mental disorders;

- alcoholic and narcotic intoxication.


Poor health of any origin, ARVI, even a runny nose without a high temperature, the procedure is better to postpone until complete recovery.

Inflammatory processes on the skin, pustular eruptions in the area of exposure, aggravation of acne and rosacea are also contraindications. The procedure can be done only during remission - the absence of inflammatory elements and pustules on the skin.

Treatment with potent drugs: antibiotics, corticosteroids, anticoagulants, retinoids, etc. during the course of radiation and chemotherapy. The procedure is possible not earlier than two weeks (or more, depending on the specific drug) after the end of treatment.

Malignant tumors. The procedure can be done only with the written permission of the attending physician.

Benign neoplasm of skin in the area of exposure. Contraindicated procedure in the area of moles, warts.

Allergic diseases (eg, atopic dermatitis) and reactions (eg, recurrent allergic dermatitis).

During pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Plastic surgery in the area of the intended place of permanent makeup removal or tattoo. For example, after blepharoplasty, removal of permanent eyelid make-up can be done no earlier than 6 months after surgery, after complete stabilization of the tissues.

The period of menstruation is accompanied by increased pain sensitivity and reduced coagulability of blood, so it is better to plan the procedure for the middle of the cycle.


Water, Calcium oxide, Glycerin, Zinc oxide, Magnesium oxide, Triethanolamine, n-propanol, Benzoic acid.


Recmover goes on sale in individual monodoses with a capacity of 2 ml.

It should be stored in a dry place. Without access to sunlight. After opening the cosmetic product, it should be tightly closed and stored at temperatures (0 +10С). 

The period of storage of the product without opening is 2 years from the date of manufacture. Date of manufacture on the packaging.


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