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What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is done exclusively for aesthetic purposes to correct the shape and color of eyebrows, lips, eyelids, areolas, tricopigmentation, as well as to mask scars and scars.
With the help of permanent make-up, you can emphasize the natural beauty, delicately saturate the zones with color in such a way that everything is harmonious and natural!

Permanent makeup is done for a long time, which is measured in years and is the basis for applying decorative cosmetics.
When the permanent makeup is made with high quality, taking into account the individual characteristics of the wearer, its owner will look beautiful and well-groomed at any time of the day and under any circumstances.

Choosing permanent makeup, a woman is guided by the following factors:
the durability of permanent make-up allows you to preserve the conceived image for a long time
correction of natural imperfections in shape, color and asymmetry
saving time and money when applying decorative cosmetics
mobility at any time of the day when playing sports and an active lifestyle
the woman has a well-groomed face
the ability to camouflage scars and scars
A frequently asked question of the owners of permanent makeup and those who want to do it - how long does the permanent makeup last?
It is not possible to give exact guarantees for the time period of wearing permanent makeup!
In each case, everything is individual.
For some, it will last for 1 year, for others for 3 years.

Such a significant difference, calculated over the years, depends on many reasons, the peculiarities of the skin, the type of skin, the client's lifestyle, the frequency of visits to the beautician, hot countries, age and the rate of skin cell regeneration. Past diseases, hormonal disruptions, stresses, region of residence and the frequency of climate change!

For example skin color:
In people with dark skin, permanent makeup lasts longer, since dark skin produces melanin, which allows the embedded pigment to fade less noticeably, and vice versa, in women with fair skin, permanent makeup will last less. The thickness of the skin also affects.

The longevity of the new image directly depends on the characteristics of the body's defense system, immunity and the body's ability to renew itself.

In some, the body reacts to a foreign invasion quite violently, in others it treats all interventions with great cordiality.

The pigment is a foreign body!
A pigment is a foreign body that we carry into the upper layers of the skin.
The first reaction of the immune system to the introduction of foreign bodies is phagocytosis.

Phagocytosis is a process in which specially designed cells of the blood and body tissues, phagocytes capture and digest particulate matter. Phagocytosis is activated individually.

The incorporated pigment will last much longer while retaining its original appearance if the pigment particles are absorbed by the phagocytes for much longer. The age of the client also affects the durability and safety of permanent make-up, the younger those who want to do the procedure for themselves, the more often they will have to renew the permanent make-up.

Physiology explains this phenomenon.
In older ladies, the renewal process is less intense, which results in a longer wearing of permanent makeup.
The influence of the environment is also important, namely the influence of external factors on permanent makeup.

First of all, this is the effect of ultraviolet radiation, which leads to a decrease in color saturation and the gradual destruction under the influence of direct sunlight, all artificial and natural colors fade in the mind of this lovers of sunbathing and who often visit the solarium lose the original appearance of their new image faster.