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Set of pigments for PMU of eyebrows, lips and eyelids "JET SET"

Pigments for permanent makeup

Professional set of pigments for permanent make-up "JET SET" A. Sivak x Perma Blend.

"JET SET" consists of 6 colors for eyebrows, lips and eyelids, as well as a thinner.

All pigments have a unique formulation that allows you to quickly and effectively achieve the desired results with minimal trauma to the skin and mucous membranes.

Collaboration of the world leader in the market of permanent makeup pigments Perma Blend (USA) and one of the leading permanent makeup industry in (Russia) Alexander Sivak has created a new generation product!

This set will satisfy any master, color combinations and his unique minimalism in the style of Alexander Sivak allows you to use "JET SET" on all zones. By mixing colors with each other, you can get different shades.

Using thinner you can achieve translucency and naturalness of any color!

As part of the set:

#Followme_rouge lip pigment - juicy, delicious color.

#Cloudnine_pastel Lip Pigment - natural and soft for kissing lips.

#Freedamusthave brow pigment - rich, dark brown brow color.

#Simplewakeup brow pigment - medium brown brow color, universal.

#2x_easypeazy - light brown color for eyebrows.

#Cleoroyal_blk Eyeshadow Pigment - rich black, velvety color for the eyelids.

#Niseone_mixsol is a universal thinner, added to reduce the concentration of dye.

Volume 15ml.

Production: USA. Perma Blend.