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The conditions of return and exchange of the earlier-bought goods.

Return of the fund to the bank card. The fund returns to the bank card during 30 days since the moment of write-off. After the expiry of this term the pretensions are not considered. We don’t fulfill return or exchange of the goods from “The list of non-food items of the competent quality which are not the subjects to return or exchange to the reciprocal item of another size, form, model, color or set”, established in the decree of the Russian Government since 19.01.1998 №5. Such items include magazines, tattoo pigments, permanent make-up pigments, means of personal hygiene and skincare (it touches the individual means of tattoo and permanent make-up care, gels, antiseptic means and anesthetics). For us to fulfill return of fund the item you bought should be returned of the same condition you got it, in the original package. Any thing in unoriginal pack, damaged or without some details not of our fault is not the subject to return or exchange. Please don’t send your purchase without preliminary notice by telephone or e-mail with compulsory answer from us. As soon as your returned item is received and examined we will send you a massage with a notice about it. Also we will inform you about possibly or impossibility of return the fund.

Lost returns. If you don’t receive your fund during long time, firstly check you bank account once more, don’t rely on mobile bank noticing, it works not always. Then connect to the Company, that gave you the bank card. Some time must pass before the money, transferred to your account, will be shown in the personal bank profile. Usually the term of the fund transfer is about 14 days since the moment of its return.

The items bought with discount. Only the goods bought for the full fixed price is the subject for return. Unfortunately, we can’t return your purchase bought for a special price. The items acquired for the price including cumulative discount are the subjects for return and exchange according to usual order.

Item exchange. Only damaged, low-quality or incomplete goods can be exchanged. If you want to exchange your purchase to the same one, send us the massage denoting the number of order and the item you wish to exchange to our e-mail Then, when you receive an answer send your purchase to the address: Russia, Rostov-on-Don, 113 Semashko St., Specialized shop “TAT PM”. You will have to pay yourself for the shipping to our address. The expenses of forwarding the item to us are not compensated. The time of forwarding the item can change depending on the region you live in. If you send the item that costs more than 1000 rubles, we advise you to use the function of tracking and to keep the blank or cheque for sending and buy the insurance for the parcel. We don’t guaranty that we will surely receive your returned items because of possible haltings in post services work.