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Dear friends! We present to you the production for permanent make-up of our manufacture. All the products are produced on the basis of our longstanding work-experience. We try to make exactly such products which will work and first of all safety is in priority for us! So all the products stand up to test reports and certification both in Russia and the countries of The Customs Union. In the nearest future we plan to make all the necessary output for a permanent make-up master. Now different projects are being prepared. Thank you for using our output in your work. Create beauty with pleasure!

Alexander Sivak


In this gallery we present to you both healed and fresh works of the permanent make-up specialists. with different experience. All the work are created with the help of the output of the trade mark “A. Sivak”. The quality of the pigment is estimated by more than 7000 specialists from different corners of Russia and other countries. We work for you and care of safety of your clients.

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